Last time we talked about L.M. Montgomery related sites in Cavendish. As fictional Avonlea, this small community on the North Shore is the very heart of literary pilgrimages to Prince Edward Island, but there is so much more to see and experience on the Island! Just 10 minutes west of Cavendish, L.M. Montgomery’s birthplace in New London (previously Clifton) should not be missed – this is where the world-renowned authoress was born on November 30, 1874 to Clara Woolner Macneill and Hugh John Montgomery. Despite the small size of the home, it sees a steady stream of Maud’s fans throughout the summer months who can view there, among numerous other artifacts, a replica of L.M. Montgomery’s wedding dress and the old-fashioned Waterloo stove mentioned in Anne of Green Gables.

Just 400 metres west of L.M. Montgomery’s birthplace you will find Blue Winds Tea Room run by a true Kindred Spirit – Terry Kamikawa. Whether you would like to grab a quick bite or take a longer break from sightseeing and enjoy your afternoon tea, you will not be disappointed. Maud’s fans will be delighted to see New Moon Pudding on the menu, made according to Maud’s own recipe, as well as delicious homemade raspberry cordial. It is also a great place to get some unique greeting cards, calendars, pottery and homemade jam.

For those who would like to take the culinary experience to another level, and have about 4 hours to spare, New London’s culinary studio, The Table, will have a new class this summer.  Marilla’s Table class, which promises an unforgettable adventure for the most picky taste buds, will be a fascinating journey into the traditional Island cuisine. For Anne and Maud fans looking for a memorable Maud inspired dining experience, this class might be just what fits the bill.

Most fans will continue touring Anne and Maud sites by going to the French River area – stunning views along the winding highway 20 are some of the best Prince Edward Island has to offer. The New London Bay on one side and gorgeous rolling fields on the other offer an incredible esthetic experience – maybe even Anne Shirley would be lost for words for once… No wonder L.M. Montgomery had the idyllic setting of French River in mind for Anne’s House of Dreams. L.M. Montgomery Land Trust has successfully preserved this part of PEI shoreline, so that the landscape described by the famous writer can be still found and admired. Every modern small-screen adaptation of Anne of Green Gables has featured scenes filmed in this very area of the Island – New London Lighthouse can be seen in the Kevin Sullivan adaptation with Megan Follows as Anne, the French River fields appear in the Breakthrough adaptation with Ella Ballentine as Anne and the red sandstone cliffs surrounding Cape Tryon Lighthouse created just the right amount of drama for the CBC/Netflix series “Anne with an E” with Amybeth McNulty as Anne.

Maud’s fascination with this area can be found in her Journal: “Away to the westward six or seven miles the view was bounded by New London Point [now called Cape Tryon], a long, sharp tongue of land running far out to sea. In my childhood I never wearied of speculating what was on the other side of that point – a very realm of enchantment surely, I thought. Even when I gradually grew into the understanding that beyond it was merely another reach of shore like our own it still held a mystery and fascination for me. I longed to stand out on the remote, lonely, purple point, beyond which was the land of lost sunsets. I have seen few more beautiful sights than a sea-sunset off that point.”

Whether you’ll choose to experience a sunset or a sunrise at Cape Tryon is up to you, but we truly hope you will take your time to really enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the New London/French River area and the exquisite shoreline. You may not find Captain Jim, but his spirit is still here. And if you let your imagination free, you may get lucky and see Anne and Leslie walking on the beach…

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