Even though it is still quite a chilly winter on Prince Edward Island, the fresh air of the first days of March is a nice reminder that spring is just around the corner, or should we say “around the bend”? April and May will bring a few adventurous visitors to our Island, but the real season will start in late June, L.M. Montgomery’s favourite month. It is just good to be alive in a world where there are Junes she wrote in a letter to her Scottish pen-pal George Boyd MacMillan. Maybe it was Maud’s love for this particular month that made Anne arrive in Prince Edward Island in June? We cannot blame Maud for introducing P.E.I. to Anne in June as it truly is one of the most spectacular months to experience on our Island. The usual beauty is magnified then by the colourful lupines that pop up almost overnight in the middle of the month. So if you have been wondering when it is a good time to visit, June certainly will not disappoint you.

All Anne fans will easily find their way to Cavendish (fictional Avonlea) on the North Shore. Here you will get a chance to visit Green Gables – the first home the famous red-headed orphan could call her own. An ordinary observer will have no problems noticing the perfectly exquisite puffed sleeve dress and a broken slate in Anne’s bedroom, while an extraordinary observer will surely not miss the amethyst brooch on Marilla’s dresser and geraniums on the window sill in the Green Gables kitchen. All Kindred Spirits will be delighted to have a stroll along Lover’s Lane and Haunted Wood trail.

There is so much more to see in Cavendish than just Green Gables though! The Site of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Cavendish Home is just a short walk from the Green Gables Post Office. Unfortunately the house itself does not exist anymore, but the nature that inspired Maud is still there. This is where the famous authoress wrote her first four novels and it was here where she finally got her first acceptance letter. Later in life she wrote in her Journals, “Were it not for those Cavendish years, I do not think Anne of Green Gables would ever have been written”

The nearby Green Gables Post Office hosts an L.M. Montgomery exhibition – it is free and you can also mail your postcards from here if you want a special Green Gables stamp on them (not available in other locations). Next to the Post Office you will see the Cavendish United Church of Canada, which used to be a Presbyterian Church when L.M. Montgomery lived in Cavendish. She played the organ in this church and met her future husband, Rev. Ewan Macdonald when he was a minister here. In April of 1942 L.M. Montgomery’s funeral took place in this church and she was buried in the Cavendish Cemetery, just 150 metres from the church.

Tourists also enjoy visiting the Avonlea Village – a place known for its superb dining and shopping. Our Anne of Green Gables Store is located right by the main entrance to the village, so make sure to visit us while exploring Avonlea. The first building on the left (currently Moonsnail Mercantile store) is the Belmont School L.M. Montgomery used to teach at and the Avonlea Village church was brought here from Long River. Maud attended services in this church while visiting her Campbell cousins in Park Corner.

So, while we are patiently waiting for “the beautiful, capricious, reluctant Canadian spring lingering through April and May”, we will be getting ready for our busy season and telling you what else there is to see on our Island. Until next time and start planning your dream vacation!


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