We would like to thank everyone who shared with us their Anne stories in January. The heartfelt response was overwhelming and it was wonderful to read how Anne has touched so many lives. So, without further ado, here are a few submissions in our “Kindred Chronicles” series. We hope you will enjoy them as well.

Cindy’s story:

“To tell you how much Anne has influenced my life over the years can hardly be said in a few words. I discovered Anne of Green Gables as an adult. I bought the book on a whim, remembering that I had heard it was a Canadian classic. From the first few words I read, this book grabbed my heart like no other book had. My eyes were immediately opened to the world of nature. Sunsets, trees, oceans, flowers came alive to me. I had never embraced these things in my life before reading this book. Anne of course became very real to me, a Kindred Spirit. Her joys, sorrows, adventures made my soul come alive. She showed me what real friendship meant, that “tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it”. She gave me a love for Prince Edward Island and I have visited there 4 times over the years, each time delighting in immersing myself in Anne’s World. A desire to put my thoughts and feelings down on paper was another way Anne influenced me. What a joy that has been.

There is much more I could say, but thank you for this chance to share some of my story and I look forward to participating in this blog again soon.”

David’s story:

“I have a story to tell you that has been told to me several times by my mother, who is now 92 and still drives herself to play bridge 3-4 times a week!  She also reads every day of the week in her condo apartment.

When she was a young child during the depression, she had to go to hospital several times, including for scarlet fever and appendicitis.  When she was 9, her older sister, Annie, gave her a book — Anne of Green Gables.  She fell in love with the book — and with reading — and has been an avid reader her whole life as a result of that first book.  At one point when she was a young girl, a local library was closing down and she and her siblings got some of the books and opened up their own library to loan books to the neighbourhood kids in one of the immigrant sections of Montreal.

That first book has stayed with her for her whole life, and she even reads it again once in a while.

When my youngest sister was born in 1961, my parents named her Anne (with an ‘e’).  She was named for my father’s mother, who had died just that year, but his mother did not spell it with an ‘e’.  I believe it was my mother’s homage to a book that had changed her life.  When Anne was a young adult, she ’stole’ the book from my mother in order to have it leather-bound and presented it to her for a significant birthday.”

Gabrielle’s story:

“My story begins with a porcelain doll I received one Christmas morning from my Godparents and her name was Anne of Green Gables. On that day I could never have imagined how this simple doll would change my life forever. The next thing I remember is renting the Anne movies and loving them. When I was in grade 8 I stayed up late two nights in the row to record Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story.

However, it was only when I went to high school that Anne truly made her mark on my life. In grade 9, my good friend and I were attending different high schools. As a result I felt lonely, alone and friendless. It was then that I finally read the book for the first time. Somehow, it seemed like it was fate that I would read the book at that precise moment in my life.

My only friend at the time was Anne Shirley. She became not only my friend but also my cheerleader of positivity as I adjusted to high school life. Anne was my friend when I needed one. I read the Anne books to escape my loneliness but also to spend some time with Anne. A friend that I needed who supported and encouraged me along the way.

Anne inspired my desire to go into the teaching but in a different way. Instead teaching I became an Early Childhood Educator. I still get to work with children like I always wanted, but I’m also teaching them. Anne inspired me to pursue my desire to work with children for a living.

I will be visiting Prince Edward Island this summer for the first time ever because of Anne. I can’t wait!”

For those who would still like to submit their own stories of how Anne has inspired them, it is not too late! Please, send them to info@annestore.ca

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