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We are very excited to launch this blog and hope that Anne and L.M. Montgomery fans from all over the world will find our posts interesting and inspiring. Anne Shirley, a heroine that was created over 110 years ago by L.M. Montgomery, is very much alive and doing splendidly. It is quite extraordinary that so many years after “Anne of Green Gables” had been published, there is still so much interest in the red-headed orphan and Prince Edward Island keeps attracting tourists from all over the world who come to Anne’s Island looking for the places mentioned in the books and find the fulfillment of their childhood dreams. No matter how old they are when they visit, here on Prince Edward Island they are young again. The world L.M. Montgomery is everywhere around them – they can stroll through Lover’s Lane, take a carriage ride by the Lake of Shining Waters, taste Raspberry Cordial and feel like the heroines (and heroes) of L.M. Montgomery’s novels.

Inviting you to share your inspirational ‘Anne’ stories

We would like to extend an invitation to Anne fans from all over the world to share with us what Anne means to them. Did Anne change your life? Did she help you in a difficult time? Did she inspire you to become a teacher or a writer? Did you decide to visit Prince Edward Island because of Anne? Please, tell us about the influence Anne had on your life and include a photo of your first (or your favourite) “Anne of Green Gables” edition that introduced you to the world of Avonlea. We will be thrilled to share your stories on social media and this blog. There is no deadline for your submissions as we hope to have an ongoing series called “Kindred Chronicles”. You can e-mail your stories to: info@annestore.ca Over the next few months we will be talking about the life of L.M. Montgomery – the author who gave us Anne Shirley, Sara Stanley, Emily Starr, Pat Gardiner, Jane Stuart, Marigold Lesley and Valancy Stirling. We will be sharing some interesting facts from L.M. Montgomery’s biography and showing the island which L.M. Montgomery loved with her whole heart and where her novels, with the exception of “The Blue Castle” take place. We will also be asking the readers, who have gone to PEI, to share their stories of their dream PEI vacations. So there will be a lot going on and we count on your frequent visits and participation. 2018 marks the 110th anniversary of the publication of “Anne of Green Gables”, so let’s make it a memorable one! We cordially invite you to visit our online store where we have beautiful Anne gifts and collectibles that have been designed and created for you, our amazing Anne fans! www.annestore.ca

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