Anne of Green Gables - Special Limited Edition (Hardcover Book)

Give the gift of a timeless classic with this Special Limited Edition of Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery, with the option of having the book signed by the publisher (and relative of the author) George Campbell.  Whether a long-time fan of Anne of Green Gables, or just discovering the imaginative world of Anne for the first time, this non-abridged version of the first printing with original illustrations and cover art will make the perfect gift for you or someone you know. 

Discover the classic story of the red-haired, freckled orphan Anne Shirley, and how she won not only the hearts of the people of her new home of Avonlea, but millions of people around the world to this day, the way it first entered the hearts of readers.  From her missteps to her triumphs (highs and lows), readers will be moved and inspired by Anne’s imaginative spirit as she overcomes obstacles and grows into the young woman no one could have imagined she could be when she first came to live in the house she christened Green Gables.   

After over 100 years from its original publishing in 1908, the book has been published for the first time ever where it was set, Prince Edward Island. This Collectors’ Item is published by George Campbell, who is a double cousin to Lucy Maud Montgomery and the Great-Grandson of the author’s beloved Aunt Annie and Uncle John Campbell. George grew up in the original home of L.M. Montgomery's Aunt and Uncle, which he helped his mother turn into the Anne of Green Gables Museum in Park Corner, and still runs with his family to this day.